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Italian Greyhound Print

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Meet Hope. She's the inspiration behind the Italian Greyhound Print!

The Italian Greyhound Print is printed on a high quality, super soft t-shirt made from 100% combed and ring-spun cotton using water based ink.

Pen's Prints donates 20% of the proceeds from every purchase to help our animal friends in need!

Meet Hope. Learn More Here
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Meet Hope

Breed: Italian Greyhound ~ Age: 6

Hope is a puppy mill dog that was rescued about 4 years ago. (The puppy mill was shut down!) To say Hope was a broken dog would be an understatement. She had no idea how and what a dog should act like, and worse yet, had received virtually no human interaction her entire life. This was a dog that could not jump, run, play, or wag her tail when she was adopted. As time went on, Hope learned to trust and to do things most dogs do from day to day! When she was adopted, her dad felt like he was giving her "hope" for a better future, making Hope the perfect name!