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Your purchase saves lives! 20% of Every Purchase Is Donated To Help Animals In Need

Our t-shirts are the embodiment of our story, our mission, and our movement. It begins with the conviction that things must change, and strengthened by the realization that things will only change when we do. It is our vision to help create a better world, one in which animals are supported and protected in order to live healthy lives full of love and free of abuse. A world that, given awareness and action, can become a reality.

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Rachel and Pen

About Rachel and Penpo:

I’ve always had a passion for animals. I’ve lived in many cities across the country. Driven by my love of animals, the first thing I always seek out in a new place is a local rescue or shelter where I can volunteer. That’s how I found and adopted my best friend, Penpo (Pen for short). He is the inspiration behind Pen’s Prints. In 2009, I volunteered at Eagle Vail Animal Shelter in the heart of mountainous Colorado, walking all 18 dogs at the No Kill shelter on my days off. Jumping in his kennel, full of anxiety and depression, Penpo was a sad pup living in the shelter for almost a year and a half. In adopting Penpo, I could make a difference in his life, and he would forever change mine. Underneath the sadness was a truly happy pup that just wanted to find his forever home with me. Pen loves his walks, playing with his furry friends and sunning outside. The love and bond we have for each other is amazing.

Paw Print

In Los Angeles, I volunteered at Best Friends Animal Society and NKLA. The two organizations combined held kennels for over 200 dogs and had over 150 kittens that needed to be fed simultaneously. During my volunteer hours, I felt that I could never walk enough dogs or feed enough kittens to keep up with the quantity of animals in need.

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Rachel Teen Two
Rachel and Dogs

The fulfillment of assisting the animals—dogs that are visibly overjoyed to feel the love of a hug and enjoyment of a walk outside, or kittens that purr themselves to sleep after being fed enough milk—keeps me drawn to helping make a difference. Volunteering my time, although very rewarding, is just a fraction of what I feel I can do to help. That’s why I started Pen’s Prints. I want to be part of the solution to help as many animals as possible. I’ll never stop volunteering, but I’m ready to make an even greater impact for animals in need with Pen’s Prints.

Pen’s Prints is a business that puts animals first and seeks to raise awareness and encourage adoption and care. When you make a purchase at Pen’s Prints, you aren’t just buying a great t-shirt, you’re helping reduce the number of animals in shelters, supporting the loving treatment of all animals, providing resources for low cost spay/neuter programs, microchipping, and emergency healthcare through a donation of 20% of the proceeds from every single purchase.

By educating the community and creating a network of love and support for our animal friends in need, we believe that the future is in our hands.