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Pit Bull Print

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Meet Penpo. He's the inspiration behind the Pit Bull Print, and Pen's Prints!

The Pit Bull Print is printed on a high quality, super soft t-shirt made from 100% combed and ring-spun cotton using water based ink.

Pen's Prints donates 20% of the proceeds from every purchase to help our animal friends in need!

Meet Penpo. Learn More Here
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Meet Penpo

Breed: Pit Bull Mix ~ Age: 10

Jumping in his kennel, full of anxiety and depression, Penpo was a sad pup living in the shelter for almost a year and a half. Since they didn't know what he was mixed with, (we think Lab) he was labeled as "Pit X" in the shelter. In adopting Penpo, I learned I could make a difference in his life, and he could forever change mine. Underneath the sadness was a truly happy pup that just wanted to find his forever home with me. Pen loves his walks, playing with hi furry friends, and sunning outside. The love and bond we have for each other is amazing!