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Your purchase saves lives! 20% of Every Purchase Is Donated To Help Animals In Need

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4th of July Freedom Ride - FREE T-Shirt Print!

Posted by Rachel Frederickson on

The 4th of July is upon us and Pen’s Prints wants to give you a FREE t-shirt print! As we celebrate our freedom, many animals in shelters are waiting for theirs. If you are looking to add an animal to your family, check out your local shelter or rescue. A lot of them are currently running promotions to help “liberate” animals in need from the shelter into loving homes this 4th of July weekend.

If you have a photo of your animal on their “freedom ride” from a shelter/rescue or happy at their new home, post a photo along with the adoption story on your social media, then share it to Pen’s Prints, and like our page. We will be choosing five people to receive free custom t-shirts during the month of July!

You can find a shelter close to you on the site Adopt a Pet

Below are some great freedom ride pics from an article over on Bark Post, as well as my foster dog Charlie celebrating his Independence day on the ride to his new family!

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Your purchases helped Zahara, Ruth, and many other dogs at K9 R&R!

Posted by Rachel Frederickson on

Pen's Prints mission is to help animals in need - donating 20% of the proceeds from every purchase. As a community, we have helped animals like Zahara and Ruth from K9 Rescue and Rehoming receive loving care and find forever homes! Thank you for your help!

See the post K9 R&R put together highlighting how your donations through purchases have helped.

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Welcome to Pen's Prints!

Posted by Rachel Frederickson on

My name is Rachel, and I created Pen's Prints out of my love for animals and serving the animal community. It started with a wonderful choice to adopt Penpo seven years ago while I was volunteering at Eagle County Animal Shelter & Services in Colorado. He has been by my side ever since for every new adventure - and believe me... I've been on many!

Through all my adventures, one thing remains the same; every new place I move I find a place to volunteer. Volunteering put in my heart a mission to find a way to do more to help animals in need. That's where Pen's Prints comes in!

My mission is simple but powerful... Give our community the opportunity to purchase a great print of an animal they love, or an adoptable animal they want to help, and donate a portion of our proceeds from every purchase. A print you'll be proud to wear and share your story with people who will certainly ask,

"Who are you wearing?" 

As we move forward, Pen's Prints has many amazing things in store. We will be partnering with shelters, rescues and non-profit organizations all over the country, donating a portion of our proceeds to help animals in need. Just as exciting, we will be featuring some of these animals from our partners on our t-shirts! You will be able to purchase these prints knowing you helped with that animal's care until they are adopted into a loving home.

Our business has launched and we are ready to make Prints with a Purpose!

I look forward to connecting with you.

~Rachel & Penpo

Make a difference. Be their voice! Animals are AMAZING.

Rachel and Penpo at Best Friends Animal Society   Smiling Dog Penpo   Martin Luther King Jr. Quote 'Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.'

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